Carl Broemel – solo show at Eddie’s Attic 10/12/16

My Morning Jacket guitarist promoting his latest solo release, 4th of July

Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket to play Eddie’s Attic on 10/12/16


Eddie’s Attic has become known as “the place” in Atlanta, and even well outside, for members of major bands to go and perform their solo acts and side projects, and October 12 will be no exception – Carl Broemel, guitarist for My Morning Jacket, will be there on his tour to support his latest solo release, 4th of July.

Cover of Carl Broemel's latest solo album, 4th of July

4th of July, the latest solo release by Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket). Photo courtesy the artist.

Recorded over a period of four years during MMJ touring breaks, 4th of July, which came out on August 19 through Stocks in Asia (Broemel’s own label) and Thirty Tigers brings Broemel’s well-known prowess on the guitar to a languid mix of tracks that would make a perfect backdrop to … lying in a hammock tied between two palm trees with the beach quietly rolling in the distance, on the Fourth of July, at that golden hour just before sunset and just after, maybe  a cool drink in your hand, a gentle and balmy breeze blowing, while watching the blue darkness slowly rise to cover the sky. You can almost see the stars appearing in the sky in the 10:01 long “4th of July” title track, whose twinkled slowly fading ending could lead with perfect clarity into the first line of “Sleepy Lagoon”: – “Hello moon” – if only the order of those two tracks had been flipped. Still, “4th of July” and the album as a whole is an aural painting with the best of them.

“For me,” he explains, “it’s not about comparing or competing with anything. If anything, this album is just me trying to compete with my own abilities — it was a challenge to do it on my own.”

Guest appearances by Neko Case and Shelly Colvin on the title track, plus other friends and colleagues like Laura Veirs on “Rockingchair Dancer,” bring a sweet harmony to the record and their voices lend themselves well to Broemel’s. Also providing their musical talent are MMJ’s Tom Blankenship on bass and Bo Koster (who also co-wrote several of the songs) on keys; plus Russ Pollard, Richard Medek, and Jordan Caress.

Tickets to Broemel’s show are $15 and available through Ticketfly. Doors 6:00 PM, show at 7:00. Eddie’s Attic is at 515-B North McDonough St., Decatur, GA. Eddie’s Attic is a great place to go for live music. It’s made for listening (and viewing, as the room has a capacity of only a couple hundred). They even advertise themselves and have signs stating that this is a LISTENING venue, and there is no chattering allowed. That might sound a little severe but it actually isn’t – everyone who goes there knows the deal and likes it. It’s quite nice to know you won’t have to listen to someone’s phone call or weekend plans discussion. Most artists also do a signing and “say hello” session afterward. It’s a lot more intimate than a huge arena show, that’s for sure.


“In some ways, I found myself being very disconnected from friends and family,” Broemel says, reflecting on road life. “I have to miss weddings and, unfortunately, I have to miss funerals too. So when I missed one that I should’ve been at, I was like, ‘What am I doing? I’m in a town car coming home from the airport and my friend just died. Fuck! What’s really important to me at this moment?’ I was just trying to figure that out. ‘Landing Gear,’ in particular, is just me wondering, ‘What am I doing? What’s important to me? And where is everybody?’”

4th of July is available in a both vinyl and CD directly from Broemel’s own store, as well as through iTunes and Amazon. You can also stream Sleepy Lagoon on Spotify.

For more information on Carl and his music, visit or his official Facebook.













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