Interested in shooting or writing for 10 Wire Up?


We do not require copyright assignment, we don’t have any kind of “rights grab,” we don’t incorrectly call shooting for us “work for hire,” we don’t require long-term exclusivity, and we don’t demand ultra-short turnaround.

Email to inquire. You do not have to be in Atlanta – contributors from other states and even countries are possible. We’d be looking for coverage of regional-to-national bands with a big-enough following that people outside of your town have heard of them. The occasional so-far-unknown but up-and-coming band can be considered. Preferred music genres are rock, alternative, pop, metal, industrial, indie, and synth, as well as their sub-genres.

If you are a photographer, please provide a link to a portfolio and other samples of your work. If a writer, please provide a link or include a couple of examples of music or show reviews or other music-related content such as commentary on a music-related news-item.

Contributing photographers MUST provide at least a very brief outline of the show: band name, member names and primary instrument; venue name and location; band’s website and Facebook URLs. Additional info (crowd feel, other descriptive information) welcome too. Contributing writers should generally plan to submit at least a couple hundred words per article, give or take, along with the same info that photographers would provide. Longer articles possible, and shorter might be accepted on occasion. Articles should be just about print-ready, but they will be edited for length and style if needed. Photographers, please, no mic mouth.

No signing of band-presented copyright transfers allowed under this masthead. I.e., you are welcome to sign if you’re there and foolishly don’t mind losing your own copyright, but you must arrange the contract personally and with no connection to 10 Wire Up: you cannot sign under the auspices of this magazine, and the set won’t be published here. Editorial-use only agreements with no transfer or assignment of rights are grudgingly acceptable.

Needless to say, photographers should not submit a gallery of cell-phone shots, and writers should have a good-to-great command of the English language. If you cannot take a clear photo and don’t understand American English grammar and punctuation, please do not submit.