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In This Moment at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI, 10 May 2015

Currently out in support of their fifth studio album and major label debut, 2014’s Black Widow (Atlantic Records), LA’s In This Moment brought their lavish stage production to Madison’s Alliant Energy Center. The show, billed as “MayDay MayLay,” was a five-band radio show for Madison’s WJJO.


In This Moment, Madison, 05/10/15

In This Moment. 10 May 2015 – Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI. Photo by Dave Burke for 10 Wire Up.

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With the third slot on the bill, following newcomers Crobot and thrash pioneers Anthrax, In This Moment took the stage to an approximately half full, but enthusiastic arena with Three Days Grace and Danish metal stars Volbeat yet to come.

The highly theatrical show is centered around vocalist Maria Brink with the rest of the band – guitarist and cofounder Chris Howorth, guitarist Randy Weitzel, bassist Travis Johnson, and drummer Tom Hane – mostly occupying the shadows at stage left and right.

With sirens wailing, the stage bathed in colored lights and a thick cloud of fog, Brink emerged from center stage, flanked by two masked female dancers and dressed in thigh-high boots, fishnets, and skin-tight leather. With her platinum locks hanging down in ringlets from under a black hat that obscured her face, she delivered the opening lines “Is it sick of me, to need to control you? “Is it sick of me, to make you beg the way I do?” from Black Widow’s lead single “Sick Like Me,” in a sultry voice that brought a roar from the crowd. As the song built to its lush pop chorus there were many on hand that knew all the words and who were more than happy to join in at full voice. The seven-song set pulled exclusively from “Black Widow” and 2012’s “Blood” (Century Media), surprisingly favoring “Blood” slightly.

Brink cycled through a host of costume changes throughout the performance, with capes, top hats, tiaras, naughty nurse, and deranged circus ringmaster costumes as well as a variety of props to accompany them. Not to be completely out done in the visual department the band was dressed in what could only bring to mind Rob Zombie, with heavy ghoul make up, dreadlocks and tattered leather.

Brink’s vocals cover the spectrum from full out throaty scream to a baby doll princess, with the music itself being a hybrid of techno, industrial, and hardcore metal, with a big helping of pop diva – almost as if Ministry, Madonna, Britney Spears, Rob Zombie, and Lady Gaga had a baby and named it In This Moment.

Even if In This Moment isn’t in the demographic you normally follow, it can’t be denied how much energy they bring to the stage and how entertaining they are as live performers, the show being a fantastic mix of Vegas and metal, pop and burlesque. It was clear that for the teens in the audience – particularly the girls doing their best to mimic Brink’s “Sex Metal Barbie” image with “Become The Show” scrawled on their t-shirts and arms – the connection was made.

In This Moment will be on tour well into the fall of this year. Click over to their website for more information.


Sick Like Me
Black Widow
Sex Metal Barbie



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